AOI facility use

How to applicate

To use Concert Hall Shizuoka AOI

In Concert Hall Shizuoka AOI, everyone can use the facilities. The hall has 618 seats in two floors, the auditorium on the 7th floor has 300 seats removable, and other rehearsal rooms, waiting rooms. We look forward to your use.

About application reception

  1. Utilization time and closed days
    Closed on Mondays (Tuesdays if Monday is a national holiday), New Year holidays
  2. Application reception
    Application time: 9: 00-21: 30
    Application reception place: 7th floor office
    Application acceptance period:
    • Hall: From the first day of the month one year before the use day to one month before
    • Auditorium From the first day of the month 6 months before the use day to 10 days before
    • Rehearsal room from the first day of the month 3 months before the use day to 10 days before
    • Waiting room etc. Combined with the hall or auditorium (the waiting room etc. cannot be used independently).

    * From 9:00 am on the first day of the month (or the next day if it is closed), we will accept applications for one month (simultaneous reception) for facilities that will start accepting applications in that month.
    If you wish to participate, please come to the 7th floor lobby by 9:00.
    • Applications cannot be made by phone, document, verbal or email.
    • If you use the auditorium, rehearsal room, etc. together with the hall, the application will be accepted one year in advance.
    • Up to 3 days can be used continuously.
  3. Use permission
    The hall (music-related) will be notified about permission / disapproval of usage at the time of application at about 6 months ago, the auditorium about 3 months ago, and the rehearsal room (in principle music-related).
  4. Payment of usage fee
    1. An invoice will be issued once the use is approved, so by the due date the convenience store or the hotel counter. Please pay by payment. If you have not paid, you cannot use the facility.
    2. After the invoice is issued, you must pay the usage fee regardless of whether you use  or not use it. In addition, the usage fee cannot be refunded.
    3. Charges for addition alfacilities, auxiliary equipment, fixtures, etc. will be charged at a later date according to the actual usage.
  5. Denial of use
    In the following cases, usage is not permitted.

    1. When admitting that there is a risk of disturbing public order or good manners.
    2. When it is recognized that it will benefit the organization that conducts violent torts in a collective or customary manner.
    3. When it is recognized that there is an administrative problem.
    4. When other designated administrator deems it necessary.

Meeting before use

If you use the hall or auditorium, please have a meeting with the technical staff of the museum one month to two weeks before the date of use. Please contact us for the meeting date and time.

  • Stage
    Equipment used for stage, lighting, sound, etc., and other necessary preparations.
  • Lobby related
    Reception desk, ticket sales on the day, numbered ticket issuance, goods sales, exhibition, admission method, capacity, dressing room and other necessary items.
  • Delivery related
      About bringing in instrument sand equipment. (Imported vehicles, vehicle types, etc.)
  • Evacuation guide
    Hall = venue manager, organizer (4 on the first floor, 3 on the second floor), 1 contact Person Auditorium =1 venue manager, 2 organizers, 1 contact person
    Please keep an evacuation guide at each designated door during the event (from the opening to the end).
  • In case of rain
    Placement of an umbrella stand in the 1st floor lobby. About bar counter business use (Hall)




054-251-2200(受付時間:9:00〜21:30 / 休館日除く)