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About Concert Hall Shizuoka AOI

QWhat is the AOI means
AIt is a nickname. It comes from Shogun “Tokugawa”’s crest.

About concerts

QWhat is the difference between starting time and opening time?
AWhen the venue is ready, it is "opening" to guide customers to the hall.
The actual performance begins with the “start”.
It usually opens 30 minutes before the concert starts.

QWill it be possible to enter the hall before opening hours?
ARehearsals are in progress, so you cannot enter the hall until the opening hours.
Please wait in the lobby on the 1st floor until we are ready.

QDo you keep a small children?
APlease use the Chuo Child Care Support Center in Shizuoka City.(3rd floor, 2-chome1-1, Gofuku-cho, Shizuoka-shi (+81)54-254-2287).

About tickets

QCan you buy tickets online?
AYou can purchase them at Ticket Pia. The address is .

QCan tickets be refundable?
ARefunds and exchanges seats for tickets issued are not possible except for the cancellation of performances. When purchasing tickets, please confirm the performance date, number of tickets, etc.


QHow should it go from JR Shizuoka Station to AOI?
ATo North Exit of the Station, you can see a large gray building on the left side 200m from there. From 7th to 10th floor are Concert Hall Shizuoka. (1st to 6th floors are the Shizuoka Chuo Post Office.). Please use the elevator of the front entrance. There is an auditorium on the 7th floor, and a rehearsal room. Concert Hall is on the 8th floor.

QDo you have any exclusive parking lots?
ANo. We have no parking lot exclusively. Please use toll parking lots. Since it is crowded on holidays, please go out with plenty of time. Please use public transport whenever possible.

QAre there any bicycle parking lots?
AThere is a toll bicycle parking lot (pay) under the JR overpass on the south side of Concert Hall Shizuoka AOI. Please refrain from parking near the front entrance of AOI.

About facility use

QWould like to rent a hall and hold a concert.
AApplication for hall use will begin on the first day of the month one year before the desired date. Only on the first day of reception, we will accept applications from 9:00 am at the 7th floor lobby of Concert Hall Shizuoka. If you wish to participate, please come to Concert Hall Shizuoka 7th floor lobby by 9:00.

QCan you hold a lecture in the hall?
AConcert Hall Shizuoka is used exclusively for live concerts. Please use the 7th floor auditorium for lectures and workshops. Applications for use of the auditorium will begin on the first day of the month six months before the desired date. Only on the first day of reception, we will accept applications from 9:00 am at Concert Hall Shizuoka 7th floor lobby. If you wish to participate, please come to the 7th floor lobby by 9:00.

QWant to practice a musical instrument.
AYou can use concert hall, auditorium, and rehearsal room. There ception start date varies depending on the facility. Please contact us for details.

QInformation of the application reception time.
AAvailable from 9:00 am to 9:30pm every day except Monday. (If Monday is a public holiday, it will be open and the following day will be closed.(Closed from December 28th to January 4th). The same applies to ticket sales and the Concert Hall Shizuoka Club Membership procedure.

Concert Hall Shizuoka Member's Club

QWhat is member advance sales?
AWe have member pre-sale period before the general release, and you can preferentially purchase with in that period. Any number of tickets can be purchased, but the discount is limited to 2 tickets per performance.

QWhat is a Reserve Seats?
AAs an only member’s benefit, if you want to purchase all concert series performances at once, we will prepare the seats you want, regardless of whether they are reserved or unreserved. (If there are many requestsor duplicates, we will adjust them.). It is sold even before the member pre-sale period.

QCan you send a ticket when Ijoin Concert Hall Shizuoka Member's Club?
AWe will mail the tickets you have reserved for free shipping. You can purchase tickets while you are at home. (*only for domestic).

QCan I join Concert Hall Shizuoka Member's Club at any time?
AWe accept it at any time. The annual membership fee is 2,000 yen for one year from April 1 to March 31.

QNeed to with draw from membership because of my husband's transfer.
AWe ask that you submit the prescribed withdrawal notice. Please contact us if you wish to unsubscribe. We will send a notice of withdrawal. Please submit the withdrawal notice by the end of February. Please note that it will be automatically updated after that. If you are a member with a credit function, please contact your credit card company. Please contact us for details.



054-251-2200(受付時間:9:00〜21:30 / 休館日除く)